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Our mission is to be a nationally-respected, locally-known home loan company whose purpose is to finance homeownership goals through a positive and personal experience. We achieve that by creating an environment of mutual trust, open and honest communication, and a belief that we are better together than we are as individuals.

We take great care to cultivate a culture that is filled with happiness and teamwork. Our organization’s slogan, “Where the Primary focus is you.” applies to our customers as well as our Branch Partners, because when you succeed, we succeed. Our team members are pleasant, hard working, and willing to go beyond their job duties to help you and your customers throughout their transaction.

Core Values


Teamwork means we’re all in this together. Working together gives our customers better results than we could ever achieve individually.


Stability gives us a future. Our decisions are deliberate and careful. They have to make sense today and tomorrow.


We believe that what’s good for our customer is good for us, too. We are allies for our customers—advocating for sensible laws and stronger accountability.


When we are empowered, we do more—for each other and for our customers. We take charge of each situation with a solutions-oriented approach.


Integrity guides all of our decisions. When we act with integrity, we build trust by always making the right choice, regardless of circumstance.


The pursuit of excellence is a guide to our true potential. We seek to be better, smarter, and more effective people—for ourselves and our customers.


A happy work environment and a great customer experience go hand-in-hand. When we enjoy what we do, it’s easy to deliver a knockout experience.