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Mortgage branch manager opportunities at PRMI are ideal for mortgage loan originators ready to take the next step up the ladder. If you match our profile, we want to talk to you.

I have years of experience as a successful Loan Originator. I am ready to take my mortgage career to the next level and become a Branch Manager.

  • I’m a top producing Sales Manager or Loan Originator. I’ve reached the point where I want to explore the opportunity of opening up my own branch.
  • I can close loans and may have a small team of Originators or a Processor, but I need some help with back office operations.
  • I’m ready to take a step forward in my career, and I want to take it with a company that can support me better than any other.

Marketing Support

PRMI employs a team of professional graphic designers who are available to assist our Branch Partners with custom graphic design services along with dedicated compliance professionals who approve your requests quickly while keeping you compliant with the latest regulations. We have radio and television advertising ready to air that can be easily customized to your local area, produced with our sophisticated videography resources. We also offer support for your social media efforts with automated turn-key solutions. Additionally, we have a Marketing Portal where all of our marketing materials are available for download or for printing.

Our PR specialists will showcase your business for national industry media outlets, and our dedicated CRM team will enhance your marketing efforts to grow your business.

Value-Added Business Tools

Technology has become the cornerstone of our modern society. With the large amount of gadgets and tools available, technology can easily get in your way of you doing what you do best: originating loans. We have sifted through and packaged the best technologies that are focused on adding value to your mortgage loan origination business. Additionally, we make sure any adopted technology increases your business and provides a work/life balance.

National Presence

No matter the size of your business portfolio, office, or market area, you are part of a strong organization with a national presence. We put our size and strength to good use for you every day, combining marketing messaging, budgets, and loan volume to grow our overall market share which, in turn, provides you with more opportunities to secure new business.

Onboarding / Growth Support

We know that change for any organization can be intimidating–learning and integrating into new systems and navigating the complex requirements of today’s lending environment. Because of this, PRMI has created an entire department dedicated to supporting you as you assimilate into your new home. We provide on-site setup, training, and ongoing systems support. Our team consists of experienced Originators and operations personnel who understand the importance of meeting the demands of today’s business. We have the tools and resources that can be customized to your onboarding experience, whether you are a one-person shop or a 200-person organization.